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Patients sign up at Blood-based metrics are our core offering, Patients also have the option of adding DNA (cancer screen & cardio screen), and VO2max testing.


Blood Metrics

Our mobile lab team will reach out to your patients to book their in-home blood draw. Over 40 blood-based metrics are assessed and reported.


Additional Metrics

If your patients opt to complete DNA or VO2max testing, then a DNA kit will be shipped directly to their home, while VO2max will be completed by one of our local partners.


Get the Results

Healthspan will let you know once all results are uploaded to your Healthspan practitioner dashboard. You can then review results with your patient, make recommendations, discuss next steps, and follow up as needed.


Get Compensated for Disease Prevention

With your guidance, patients can use their results to inform their behaviour and focus their efforts in the right direction. We recognize the extra care and time required to practice preventative medicine and we compensate you accordingly. 

(coming soon!)

We believe that great health care is collaborative. Let’s work together to keep patients healthy.

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The Healthspan partner portal is designed to help healthcare practitioners manage your patients’ results, all in one place. Once a patient’s results are ready, key findings are made available in one complete report. At a glance, you can see all metrics and trends over time.